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I think my chick is sick

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I just got 8 chicks on a chick day last Saturday and there's one that looks sick. His poop was runny this morning but now there are a little thicker bits in it and he stays away from the others and just sleeps standing up with his head down. Is he sick and is there anything I can do?

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Yeah, it does sound like this little chick has a bug. You can get some soluble tetracycline, a broad spectrum antibiotic, from a feed store and add that to the water and see if that doesn't help. Since the chick is young, there isn't much you can do, and it is very difficult to pin exactly what is wrong at that stage of life. Hoping that some vitamins and some antibiotics clear up what's going on.


Best of luck!


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Actually the chick is fine now. I just kept him out of the brooder for a while and he was sleeping under my pillow and now he's fine. But I am going to get some probiotics for their water. Thanks for replying.
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