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So. I had an issue. I had a bigger water bowl with marbles. But I didn't use enough marbles. So he fell in. Luckily for me and this little guy I got there I. Time. I successfully gave him kind of CPR and held him in front of the headlamp to dry off. After a few attempts he came back and started wriggling. Now he is just fine. Sorry picture took so long as I had to bring him back from the brink. I now have the bottom of a Dixie cup cut off with rounded edge and marbled glass in the bottom I refill the water every 2 hours.
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Robert get you a water bottle like the one in my picture and no more problems. You should be able to get them at your feed store. They sell the base in 2 sizes make sure you get the small one, about 1/2" ring so the baby chicks cant get wet .

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Will do. Thank you for the advice. I actually asked my feed store if they had anything small enough for,quail, she said they liquidated all their quail stuff so I have to find somewhere else. Maybe tractor supply has one. I'll check.
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I just set about 2 dozen eggs a few days ago, and I cannot wait to see what comes of them. Coturnix Pharoah type are what they're supposed to be. He had a few tuxedos tho that the eggs came off of. So exciting!
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I can tell you it's a blast. I set 44 more eggs day before yesterday. I went and bought the little giant with the auto turner for this set. I still have 20 in the homemade incubator. Had to buy the giant cuz I couldn't wait the remaining 10 days to set these eggs. It's fun to see them develop before your eyes. And they grow so amazingly fast. Good luck with your hatch and please post pictures!
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about how much did it cost???

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how high and low should the heat be for chicks

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Whats the marbles for????

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First question, the little giant was 80$ here mthat includes the turner at tractor supply is where I got,it, the temp needs to be 99.5-100.2. I never go above or below, I have found setting the temp at 99.8 works great. The humid needs to be 40-50% first 14 days. I keep it at 45-48% the marbles are to keep the chicks from drowning. They can and will. Tractor supply also sells a baby chick watered. I think it costs 3$ it has a 1/2" ring and can be used with a mason jar. Then you need no marbles. I think I covered all your questions :-). Another thing I would recommend is grinding some of the starter feed. It's easier for the. To eat the first few days. Don't grind it all though. Cuz for,the next 3 weeks you will want whole and when they come out of,the brooder I still feed starter until 8 weeks old, then I feed wild game laying mash. That costs 20$ per 50 lbs
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The homemade incubator cost me 20$. I posted a how to earlier as I was getting a lot of messages as to how I made it. There is a step by step tutorial called homemade incubator in the quail section. It works well. It keeps temp 99.4-100.1 so it does really well
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