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Is it a disease?

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So ,my chicks are seven weeks old, and two nights ago one died, and I have had no problems until then. I wasn't sure what it was, but just in case i cleaned our everything that they used. Then last night another died! I am really worried about them. they have been handled a lot by kids, and I am worried they might be stressed out? 

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I'm not sure what the the issue may be, but i doubt its due to the stress of being handled. I'd suggest that you post your question in the ER forum -  and try to describe in as much detail as possible any symptoms that you observed, what they are feeding on (including treats), their bedding etc. 



Pending feedback from the ER experts, i would suggest adding vitamin supplements / electrolytes in their drinking water - it helps give the immune system a boost. 


Good luck



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When one chick dies, you can rationalize and say it was probably a genetic defect manifesting itself after all these weeks, but when two die, especially close together like this, you may indeed have an infection among your chicks.


Examine the poop. That will tell you a lot. If it is scant and has tinges of red in it, you should begin treating for coccidiosis immediately. In fact, I would get some Corid and start them on it regardless.


If the poop is runny, and white with specks of green in it or brownish and smelly, you may need to treat with an antibiotic.


CT is right. You would do well to go to the emergencies forum, answer the sticky questions and post there for additional help.

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there poop seems normal, and I have them on medicated food.

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They can still get cocci even on medicated feed. The Corid treatment is very safe and can't hurt the chicks even if they don't have cocci parasites. To be safe and to not lose any more chicks, it would be very wise to start the treatment.


If you haven't disposed of the dead chicks, you can always take them to a lab or vet and get a necropsy done so you will know for sure what has killed them.

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ok thanks!

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