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Well. This is weird.

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So I'm doing something weird. I don't have a bator, yet, but am going to attempt to hatch a clutch of eggs. Basically what's happening, is I have two flocks, flock A (has rooster) and flock B (6 hens, no rooster). I am currently collecting a few firtile eggs from Flock A but after I get eggs from a few of the girls and refrigerate them (turning every day) I'm going to put the rooster from Flock A with Flock B.

My grandmother is bringing her bator on Teusday (and 6 of her fertile eggs) and I'll run it until Wednesday so the temp is stable. During that time I'll take my few fridge eggs from today and let them warm up to room temp. On Wednesday, when the bator is stable, and my fridge eggs are room temp, Ill collet the now firtile eggs from flock B and set all the eggs at the same time.

So now for some questions.

1. Will turning the fertile eggs in the fridge increase hatch rate?
2. Is 4 days enough time for flock B to be with the rooster for the eggs to be fertile?
3. Will my grandmothers eggs be fine sitting out for 24hours? (They should be collected that day)
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I would stop putting the eggs in the fridge and just leave them out on the counter (or some other safe, relatively cool place) until you're done collecting. Turning the eggs helps with fertility, it keeps the egg contents from sticking to the shell. Turn them 3 times, or more, a day. I put mine in an egg carton and prop one end or the other with a book to tilt them so I don't have to turn each individual egg.

Eggs can be stored up to a week in good conditions without affecting fertility too much. I sometimes hold them for 2 weeks, or more, depending on how many eggs I want to set. Your grandmas eggs should be fine.

4 days may not be enough time for fertile eggs. If you can, I'd go ahead and swap your rooster now to give him some extra time to get busy. The hens in the other flock will hold onto any semen they stored from him for up to 2 weeks after he's moved, maybe longer.

Good luck, happy hatching!
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*C'mon, get flappy!*
*C'mon, get flappy!*
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Thank you!!!
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Hi Atlantis Peeps,

  I'm not a pro at incubating either, but I would say to not refridgerate them. That is a good topic though about how exactly to store them.

We do not have AC, so our house gets pretty hot. They may be getting too warm. Not sure about the timing on the rooster. Just give it a whirl and let us know. Good luck!

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Will do! I took the eggs I put in the fridge this morning and set them in a shoe box. I'm probably going to put it in the basement as it's cooler down there. I'll keep you guys posted!

More opinions welcome!
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So here's what I've done-

This past Thursday I arranged a... meeting with the rooster with the new girls all day. I was not able to move him then.

Friday I was not able to move him or arrange a meeting.

Yesterday I cleaned my coop out to pristine and finally added the rooster!

My grandmother is coming tomorrow now, so I'm going to heat up the bator until Tuesday, and set the eggs I've collected and the ones from my grandma on Tuesday. I'm going to give the girls from Flock B that now has the rooster a few more days before I collect the eggs just to be sure they are fertile!
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