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Is this accurate?

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I have 2 spotted sussex. Im assuming same age. They are still small but one has more feathers and some tail feathers. Does this mena one is def a boy?
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There is no definite until the crowing...

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Cochin development and Sussex development isn't the same. What you can look for really at that age is comb development but you can't really be sure until around 7-8 weeks sometimes longer (unless you have a crazy fast developing cockerel). 

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I referred to those drawings when we hatched bantam cochins - it was of no use to us.  The boys feathered in faster than the girls in our case.  I think certain breeders see patterns in their offspring that won't apply to someone else hatching the exact same breed from a different breeder.  It's just a case of wait and see.  You can post photos on this forum to see if someone can help you guess what you've got.  Chicks need to be 6-8 weeks old before there are any tell tale signs that might hint at gender.

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