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coccidiosis - others need moved?

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 We've found  cocci. in one chicken and remove it, do all 69 others need moved and the coop "sterilized" or just treat them all with the meds and leave in same area? Moving coops and all would be a big job! About 1/2 choose to free range(even with clipped wing) so how do you get meds to them?? What meds do you suggest? Where to get it? and How long to dose?

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Can you give a few more details about the age of the sick chicken and the rest? All chickens will have coccidia in their guts, but they will develop a resistance to it, if they are exposed a little at a time. Young chickens under 20 weeks are developing that resistance as they ar exposed to it in the soil and in the droppings of others. When one gets a large amount at once, they become very ill. So she doesn't need to be isolated, and the coop doesn't need sterilizing (impossible to do anyway.)  I would treat all birds if they are together, for 5 days in their only source of water. If that seems unecessary or not possible, then treat her and similar aged chicks in a pen, away form the others. Are you treating with Corid? Hope that helps.

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My son killed the sick chicken but I'm concerned for the others. They were chicks in October 2015, moved to the barn and coops in March (mostly Rhode island reds) The Sexlins are a year older. I don't know which chicken had symptoms as no further word from my son. My husband and I are going out this evening to clean coops, look for standing water, check their field area for nothing dead, cloroxing the water buckets, adding fresh water and Corid pr directions. I'll try to catch free range and put them in the electric fence so they get the meds. water too. My son will have strict instructions to keep area and water clean at all times! Treat for 5 days, right? Is yogurt after the 5 days a good idea? Thanks for your response.

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Latest news on the chicken I mentioned. It was a Rhode Island red abt 8 mo old. My son said its intestines had prolapsed and the poop did have blood. Could something else have been wrong with it? Maybe neurotic enteritis? Would it still be advised to treat all the other chickens with a 5 day dose of Coria anyways?

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Necrotic enteritis can cause blood in the poop, as well as cocci, and capillary worms. NE can be a result of chronic cocci. When chickens have a prolapse, if it isn't seen right away, the others can peck at the red tissue, and cause bleeding or actually pull the insides out. Plain yogurt plus poultry vitamins for a few days after Corid is a good idea. Here is some info on NE and coccidiosis:

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Thanks They are now all on the 5 day Corid treatment. Actually, this is the 5th day. They all seem happy. We have also had a farm meeting about sanitation. I now feel better about the sick chicken being put down and out of its misery. Egg production seems up too. Thanks again for helping us "newbees",  I'm sure it won't be the last time I ask for help.


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