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Flock pecked out chicks head

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We put 6 4month old chicks in with old flock (3 chickens, 1 year old). After 1 week they attacked one of the chicks overnight, pecked all skin off the top of her head so you can see the skull and down into the neck under the fat layer.

The chick is responsive, eating, appears to be behaving normally. We separated her back into the chick enclosure in the garage. Treated the wound with neosporin and iodine but it's a pretty nasty wound.

Does anyone have advice on how to treat the wound / handle integration? They haven't attacked any other chicks, don't fight or even acknowledge new chicks during the day.

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It sounds like you are taking good care of the wound (what you have done is what most of us would recommend). Just keep watch for signs of infection (pus, odors, etc).


Chickens heal fairly quickly and the eating, drinking is a good sign.


If she can be where the rest of the flock can see her, but not touch she (hopefully) can be integrated back into the flock easier. Member @azygous is a great person to ask about these things.



Here is just one article:

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