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Growth under beak

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Hello I'm new to this forum and would like some help to determine if this is normal for my new chicks that are 2 weeks old. Thanks
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Welcome to BYC. Did you attempt to post a picture that didn't come through? Sometimes you need a couple of posts before you can post pictures. If the growth is on all of your chicks, chances are that it may be normal. Could the growth be their wattles coming in? I will look in later to see if your picture comes through.
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Thank you for the quick reply! I did try to post pictures trying again. I think you're right
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Make a few more posts, such as introducing yourself on the New Members thread, and others. It only takes a few posts to make sure you aren't a spammer, and you can post a pic. In the meantime, you can Goodle chicken anatomy, and see images of hens, roosters,etc.
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