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Originally Posted by spoikey View Post

Mine were stolen in broad daylight.

A couple years back my house was broken into between 10 and 11 am, they got a big screen tv and 10k worth of stuff. Didn't even have a car so they carried the stuff a half block away. No one saw anything! Criminals know people work.... and go to church. They were caught when being searched for something else. Didn't get my stuff back or restitution + charges were dropped by law enforcement to get a plea for some other crime! :rant But that's just stuff, my pets would mean they had a death wish...:hide


Same for one of my neighbors in a different hood the next year. They knocked on the door first (actually got seen), snuck through the back, next door was an empty house. Not long after, the empty house was occupied by squatters! :somad  Took more than a year to get the squatters out. 


Not ALL criminals are stupid. Some are quite clever. It's the careless ones that get caught.


This is definitely a crazy world. That's why I joined byc, there are a lot of well meaning peeps here! :frow

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Originally Posted by jnr005 View Post that is ballsy.  I can't help but wonder about these people that steal chickens.  I mean I guess I can see them stealing them to eat bc then the evidence is gone, but if they steal them to breed and its a special chicken, don't they think someone might notice? It just seems crazy, lol. It's sad when you have to padlock your chickens!

I quite agree. At the time my son was living with me. I live quite close to the road so it was easy to see when a vehicle was gone. If it had been because someone was hungry I could have excepted that and even helped them out with other food but this happened every day or so till the rooster was gone. Haven't missed a chicken that way since so it was obvious to me they wanted a free flock.

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Originally Posted by MommaDanielleW View Post

Oh wow....I'm sorry to hear this happened.  People actually steal chickens?  (I'm VERY new to this so sorry if I seem rude.)

You have to keep in mind some chickens, especially rare breeds are worth a lot to some people. I have heard of a rooster (Ayam Cemani) selling for $500 to a breeder. The same thing happens to a much greater extent dogs, and to a lesser extent, horses and pure bred cats. People can be disgusting filthy criminals at times, often impaired by an addiction, just looking for an easy buck. Although in the one case where they got the rooster and hens for a flock, that sounds like a way more elaborate, filthy scheme.... I am sorry to hear about this happening. I have just acquired a bunch of rare breeds and now am going to padlock their coops. I hate that people can't be trusted. I had a friend lose a parrot in this fashion too :(

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