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New chicks, salmonella threat

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I purchased some new day old chicks to put under my broody hen, who is sitting on infertile eggs.
I just learned of the large issue coming out now about hatcheries with salmonella. Eek!

What can I do, or should I do anything, to keep my flock healthy? There are no reasons I should believe that these chicks are carrying the bacteria, but....


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I wouldn't worry too much about it. What hatchery did your chicks come from? If you are concerned you can get a sample of droppings tested by your local vet. There have been some outbreaks of salmonella for the last several years, and all chickens can be infected without symptoms. Everyone should wash there hands after handling chickens or anything where they have been. It's not very common nowadays, but every summer you may see a warning about finding salmonella in some states and Canada. If you Google "salmonella in chickens," there is an article from the CDC about this.
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