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Wing claws

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So .... I bought 6 pullet chicks from a feed store for a broody. I didn't look them over closely when I got them and the broody is so protective I haven't handled them until today. The silkie chick got out of the run and I scooped her up to return her and wanted to check out her feet cause I knew threw were supposed to have 5 toes she does but the 5th has two claws and then I noticed her wing looked a funny shape .... She has two claws on each wing ?!!! Is this normal?
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This is a situation where no one is going to be able to respond without seeing a photo.

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The toe thing is easy to figure out. Extra toes and nails aren't uncommon in 5 toed breeds. As for the wings, I agree with azygous. Pictures would help.

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I'll add pics.
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