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Advice needed

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I started with 5. 2 day old chicks. They are now 9 weeks old. Turns out 4 of the 5 were roo's. I went yesterday to where I intially purchased them and gave the 4 roo's back. So I have 1 original hen and I purchased 4 new hens.
My question is.... The 4 new hens( 5 weeks old) are completely ignoring the original 9 week old hen.
They are not fighting each other at all but I feel like my original hen will always be the outcast. Will they eventually all cuddle at night and play during the day together? It's only been 24 hours but I'm curious what I can expect or hope for. I know they don't have feelings like people it I feel bad for my original hen named waffles.
2nd question. My original flock was very very social with my family. The new flick is not social at all. They run and hide when I walk in. I held my original flock every day. If I play and hold the new 5 week olds is it to late for them to be social too?

I'm sure it's obvious but I'm new to this chicken thing. Love it already but I do have a lot of questions. Thank you in advance for any comments or suggestions.
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I'm tempted to go get one of my silkie roo back so my original hen is not Alone. But really don't want a too.
Hoping they will soon bond
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Welcome!  As long as the original bird isn't being hurt by the new chicks, just give it time to work out.  The new chicks are stressed by the move, scared of the new place, and probably weren't handled daily (mine aren't either!).  Be quiet, patient, and bring a few treats every day, and it will all be fine later.  Your older pullet may adopt the babies too.  Mary

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Thank you so much. I just need to be patient. Not my strongest quality😄
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In a very few weeks, the size difference will be much less noticeable, at that time the chicks should be a pretty stable flock. They will be a sub flock until they all begin to lay. Once they begin laying, the older birds and the younger birds will be one flock, by that time it will be fall and the colder weather will help too. One is not nearly so picky who is beside you on the roost when it is dang cold out!


As to friendliness, just spending some quiet time in the run, on a chair has always worked for me. Don't try and pick them up, just sit quietly, occasionally tossing some scratch close by, don't move when they come to eat it, and they will quickly relax around you. Even full grown birds have calmed down with that treatment for me.


I do like to sit and watch my chickens, but I really don't handle them unless I have too.


Mrs K

Western South Dakota Rancher
Western South Dakota Rancher
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I really appreciate your advice. Thank you so much. Today I have already seen some improvement. I went in earlier and held each one and they were much calmer. I'm sure in due time and patience they will bond.
I will go in tomorrow and just sit as you suggested. Thank you again for your help.
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