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Any thoughts out there?
I'm beginning to think Olivia is Oliver!!!!
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How old? Sorta looks like a pullet to me...
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8 weeks!!! I know it might be to soon but I was reading that if their comb was pinker at this age they might be Roos. I'm so new to this that I don't know what is right. My other twos combs are not as pink as hers/his!!!
Thanks for the reply. 😊
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A full body shot would be helpful.

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I'll try and get a better one. 😊
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Maybe a picture of the other two....If this one is "pinker" perhaps this is the Roo & the others Pullets?  Still at 8wks not much growth to the wattles, maybe Pullet.  Coloring makes it hard to detect the streamer & hackle feathering.  More pics would help...Pretty bird

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Thank you. I will get better pictures tomorrow and post them.
It's hard getting them to stay still for the photo op!!! Lol!!! 😊
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