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Button quail chick with bent leg

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I have a week old button quail with its legs bent out, I thought it was splayed legs so I taped them up with vet wrap, but everytime I take the tape off they still bend outwards, also the knees are swollen.

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While it's still young, you can try to straighten it out but once it gets older it won't work. Same thing happened with my baby chick except with it's toe. As it ages it should straighten out. If it doesn't, don't worry. It shouldn't slow it down or keep it from doing anything. If you notice it starts to limp once it starts walking more and in the future, I'd suggest taking it to a vet or having someone come look at it. Good luck!
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I had another one with similar legs, but worse than this chick, I took it to the vets, who told me it was bone disease and recommended it was put to sleep there and then. I really want to try and save this little chick, as I can't see another one put to sleep if there's some chance of saving it. The trouble is one leg seems to be twisted and bends backwards a bit even when it is taped up.

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