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Has anyone gotten Shamos from Ideal Hatchery before?  I got 2 Black Shamo pullets 8 wks ago along with 2 Saipan pullets (and 17 EE males for warmth:ep, apparently a handful of meat chicks weren't enough, sigh).


The Saipans are large,look great, and extremely friendly, the Shamos though, are quite small, not quite right body shape and very flighty.  I have never had either of these breeds before and I had gotten them for my husband so I could get my fancy egg girls from MPC.  I understand hatchery chickens don't hold a feather to show birds, but they tend to kinda look enough to be fine for bug hunting pets.  I am wondering if they are really Shamos or something else or a mix?


8wk shamo (saipan in the corner she is double the size of the black bird.)