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Ferrets hunt rats? The tame little cuties you get at the pet store? Hmmm... How on earth does that work? Not saying I'm interested so much as curious!
Got him as a youngster.
When he seemed big enough we live trapped a rat and put it in a empty trash can with him.
They ignored each other at first.
Then he accidentally stepped on the rat. The rat bit him and it was game on.
After he tasted rat for the first time he loved to eat them.
Never seemed to care about the chickens when there were rats to kill and eat.
Usually ate all but a patch of fur.
Preferred fresh rat to expensive ferret food.
I once saw him kill a large rat in ~ 4 seconds.
I guess it's instinctual.
He just had to learn that rats were the enemy and quite tasty and the rest was history.