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Injured by fox now sick!!

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my one year old RIR was attacke by a fox just under a month ago. She has been recovering nicely wound is not infected and is closing slowly. In the las week her combs and waddles ave gotten pale she is quiet and does not move much. After the attack she was traded with injectable Penecillin for 4 days. I have given her electrolytes and fed her water with a syringe wormed her and moved her inside with a heat lamp. She is still hanging on with bright yellow poops and one with a small blood clot. I'm going to treat her for corcidosis today any other suggestions. She just sits around all puffed up not talking or moving. How long can she go on like this? She does not seem to bee egg bound. I checked her bottom.Her wound is clean and almost healed. She seemed to be doing well till about a week ago. Could this just be stress I'm at a loss here. She has done well till now . Help!!
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Bright yellow poops are not normal, and can be a sign of E.coli infection, and more rarely, blackhead which is a turkey disease. Can you post a picture of her droppings? Does she have any labored breathing or gasping? To save yourself some time, I would take several of her fresh droppings to your local vet so that they can test it for coccidia, worms, and E.coli. Capillary worms can cause blood in stools as well as coccidiosis. Here are some articles about E.coli or colobaccilosis:

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No distress with with breathing just lethargic and not eating will drink occasionally on her own. Am going to treat with Corid this afternoon after work
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