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Baby chick keeping one eye closed

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One of my baby chick is keeping it's eye closed and it's swollen. She also stays away from everyone else now. It happened yesterday because the day before that she was fine. What's wrong with her and what can I do to fix it?




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If she is just days old, it is probably from a peck to her eye. Look into it for any dirt or bedding, gently open the eye and put some saline eye drops in to wash it out. If it starts draining or she keeps it closed, get some Terramycin Eye Drops or Vetericyn Eye Gel from your feed store.Those are pricey, and I have used plain Neosporin in my chicken's eye without a problem, but those 2 products are specifically for eyes.

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I just put the saline drops in but when i opened her eye it was grey. How long should I wait to know if it's better?

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How old is she? Can you post a picture of her eye? Gray color of the eye doesn't sound promising. It might be a cataract, or something else.
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She's only a week old.


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I opened her eye more and I can see her eye but there's something covering it so I wiped it off and it's a little slimy.

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That is the third eyelid or nictitating membrane, which helps protect the eye from dust and dirt. It can look opaque and gray, but there could be a mucus or pus in there. Keep opening it so that it doesn't crust together, snd keep it clean.
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Should I keep it clean by just wiping it?

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Put some saline drops in the eye, and gently wipe the outer part of the eye. Apply some antibiotic ointment as stated in post two, twice a day.
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Thanks I'm gonna do this but do I put the Neosporin on the eye or on the outside of it.
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