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Limp/injured foot

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Need advice on this hens foot. She won't/can't bear any weight and it's been this way for two days now. She seems to be eating and drinking normally. She's a bantam, less than 6 months old. Nothing in their coop to injure them unless her foot got caught in the hardware cloth.
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Oh my goodness! I had the same problem recently. Her name was Lily. Lily started limping and then I noticed her little toes were curled under exactly like yours! When they are disabled like this, the others will gang up on her. I believe that is how her foot ended up like this. She is the smallest and sweetest hen i have. Shes the one the bullies would go after. Here is what I have done;
Lily immediately came inside. For the first few days I kept her in a rather larger hamster cage (she is 2.5 months old) where she could stand and walk if she chose, but couldnt further injure herself. Use towels so she has lots of traction. I kept her fed and watered. VERY IMPORTANT IN THE RECOVERY PROCESS IS A PROTEIN DIET!! I fed her boiled chicken, small amounts of lean ground beef and basically anything high in protein. Diet was about 70% of Lilys recovery process. After a few days, I moved her to my spare bathroom. Lining the floor with plenty of traction. The other 30% of her recovery process was not allowing her around others. This ensures she can not be set back or further injured. Somebody suggested I take a very thin sheet of cardboard and use bandaids to tape her toes flat down. I did not do this, but the idea wasn't so bad. It has been almost two weeks and Lily is still inside. She still has a limp. But her toes do not curl and she can now put weight on that leg. EVERYONE told me she would not make it. She did
. I cant stress enough that the largest part of her recovery was her high protein and nutrient diet. Outside of only chicken scratch. Limit her attempting to jumo to perch. Force her to sleep on the ground. I babied her as if she were my ill child. She proved everyone wrong and is now doing wonderfully. I understand most ppl dont want a chicken inside. Luckily Lily is tiny tiny tiny. But separation from others will make all the difference, as well. Let me know how your baby does and what you decide to do!
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Thanks so much for your reply and advice! I'm definitely going to separate her and will feed as you suggested. Unfortunately it's not an option for her to come inside although I'd be thrilled with that! Send positive thoughts please! Again, thanks for taking the time to respond!
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No problem! Keep me posted on her progress. I just checked on Lily and shes hopping (shes never really walked) around like crazy! I think your girl has a great chance! Let me know!
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Lily is a bantam too :-D We send positive vibes your way!
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After a visit to the vet it seems she's not injured at all. She's being treated for a kidney infection. The vet explained that there could be pressure on her sciatic nerve that's causing the leg to be stiff. It's now sticking out directly in front of her.
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Oh my goodness!! That makes me wonder about mine. Although my girl healed fine. Did she ever have blood in her poop???
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Sadly I lost my girl on Friday morning. After all is said and done I do believe she had mareks. As suddenly as her right leg became stiff, it un-stiffened Thursday evening only for the left one to then become stiff. Although she kept eating she'd lost weight. I wanted to update because I know I've reed thru threads hoping for an outcome but not finding one.
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Thats what happened to three of mine. One leg went bad just for the other one to go bad as well. Almost as if they were paralyzed. I guess you and I did have a battle with mareks. I am sorry to hear about your baby. My 4th chicken, whos toes curled and was down to using just 1 leg...thankfully overcame it. I think she was hurt because she was got ganged up shes fine now with just a little limp. I really hope she doesn't have mareks. But my question three chicks with bad legs died about 3 days after becoming paralyzed. What is killing them? Cant be the paralyzing alone.. Is there more going on in their body other than becoming paralyzed??
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I forgot yours was being treated for a kidney infection. Did the vet not know it was Mareks?
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