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Lethargic Pullets, Please Help!

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Hello there, thank you for reading.

My pullets are 12 weeks old.

Yesterday out of nowhere I noticed my favorite wouldn't come out of the coop in the morning. Very unusual. She is puffed up, eyes closing a lot. Unmotivated to do anything but stand there uncomfortably or rest with her belly on the floor.

Brought her inside. Refused food all day, but thirsty. Poop is watery, sometimes foamy, dark chocolate black when there's substance to it. It STINKS.

Had noticed strange reddish nasty looking poop in the run. Immediately began treating EVERYONE yesterday with corid.

Crop is empty short of a little jiggly with water. No tightness in it whatsoever. I did notice a little bad breath when she yawned.

Today she is unchanged. And now a second pullet is showing the exact same symptoms. They both cuddle into me as if they are cold ( second chick is nowhere near as tame and I cold hardly touch her before, where my favorite chick is a lap chicken ) and have no appetite. It breaks my heart.

Is there anything else I could do? If it's cocci, how long does corid take to show improvement??
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Update. Still sleeping, she has been all day. Another hen outside is looking to have the same symptoms and a fourth is acting a bit off which will likely be the same thing.

I have tried to feed the two inside all day, however, I finally got them to eat by soaking their crumbles in warm water and mixing it to an oatmeal consistency. Both ate a little and are now sleeping again.

The second pullet I brought inside is pooping watery, deep mulberry colored droppings that stink terribly.
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