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Sick hen need advice

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One of my 9 month old Buff Orpingtons hens is not doing well.  She is breathing hard with a stretched neck open mouth and occasionally coughing and sneezing.  I've also noticed she is sitting a lot and has droopy wings.  She does not seem to be eating or drinking much and her body weight is down.  We have her separated from the flock and gave her water from a dropper which she drank but she refused treats.

Thanks for any help.


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Can you take her to a vet to have her tested?


Does she have any discharge from her eyes/nose?


The neck stretching sounds somewhat like ILT Infectious laryngotracheitis, but it could be any one of several respiratory infections.


Keep her separated and encourage water (vitamins in water ok), sometimes a sick birds will eat wet feed, so try soaking some of her food in water, or you can try hard boiled egg, tuna, salmon.


Some respiratory infections can be treated with antibiotics, but until you know which one you are dealing with, treatment may be different.

Most illnesses are also contagious and affected birds are considered carriers for life. Exposed birds even though they seem healthy and show no symptoms are likely to have it and can pass it along as well.


There is a symptom chart at the end of the first link. Recommended antibiotic support/use (if any) is listed with each illness description.


More info on some of the common illnesses found in backyard chickens:

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