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Chicks for free in OHIO

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We have a large variety of different breeds and mixes in our brooder that are extras form our June hatch. We ordered some from Cackle Hatchery and also hatched some of our own in the incubator, selecting a few to put under broody hens. The extras need a good home as soon as possible, as they have this terrible habit of keeping me awake at night. Yes, the brooder is in my room, as it is meant for weak chicks that need round-the-clock care. These guys are lively as all can be though. :)


If you are interested in a few of them, let me know and we can set up time and place to meet. We live near Marysville in Ohio and are willing to drive up to 2 hours for a drop-off (including if meeting half-way). Because of the cost and legality, we do not ship.


There are around 15 available chicks. In the mix are some of my "Dalmatian bantam" chicks (a breed I am creating), Splash Rosecomb bantams, Blue Cochins, and Standard Brahma mixes. Some one has already asked for the Black OEGBs, however, there is a little black silkie-mix with a vaulted skull in the mix. I call him Vlad, and he is doing very well with the others, but I do not want to keep his genetics in my flock and so wish to rehome him for someone interested in a pet. Not sure if he is really a boy or if he is a girl.


They were in the basket just for a cleaning of their brooder and I snapped a few photos while doing so. The "Dalmatians" are part silkie, OEGB, and Sebright and are good layers and foragers. The Brahma mixes could have any number of breeds as their mother, but their father was a Buff Brahma rooster.

This is a photo of the newly introduced chicks that had just hatched. More are in the incubator that may hatch, mostly standard eggs.



Thank you for considering.   : )

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I live in Lucasville Ohio I'm interested if you still have them
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All the chicks have found homes.


Thanks to everyone who offered.  : )

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