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Hello everyone,

I am not sure if my brooder setup is right. It will house 10 ducklings and 2 goslings.I have tried to upload photos, but my phone won't let me. The link has a video that goes over everything.

Aaron Burton
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Good Evening!

Chicks can live in anything the first few weeks of their lives; and this brooder seems to be appropriate for all the waterfowl your planning on to keep. Although, I would keep watch of your goslings. I used to have Pekin ducklings and one white crested duckling, The Pekin ducklings hated the white crested duckling because she was different. She was eventually beaten to death by the Pekin ducklings, so in other words don't be surprised if your gooslings are bullied. If they are being bullied isolate them in a different brooder. But in housing terms your brooder seems to be fine.

Best of luck!
Sunshine Ducky
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Here's the video.

Although the goslings would probably be the bullies, as they are much bigger
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