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Broody hen dilema

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So, yesterday I was super excited as i went to check and found my hen went "broody" after a few hours i saw her and she was no longer broody she was not showing any signs the eggs were still warm so she might go back,howevrr i doubt it i have anothrt who went broody a fay ago so would the eggs be ok if i moved them from one coop to another other coop nearby so my othet could could incubate them
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Sorry for typos i was in a rush.
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They should be okay. My chickens play musical nest, they harass the broody hens so they move out and go to another nest. Make sure to mark the eggs that you want to hatch just in case another hens lay new eggs, this way you can pull out the new eggs. Just keep in mind that there may be a day or two difference between them when they hatch.

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Have you ever moved eggs from their origianl place?after days of incubation
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Yes,  I have move eggs from one coop to anther nest. The thing to keep in mind is how long have they been under the hen. If one hen has been sitting for a week and then you introduce new eggs. The chicks from the first eggs will hatch and the second batch will take longer. If the eggs are one or two day appart, it should be okay as the hen will stay on the nest until the other eggs hatch.  

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