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Once I stop trying to feed them chicken food, my baby wood ducks ate voraciously after the first day. They love 

Waterfowl Starter and its from Mazui, but also, the ducklings are crazy about meal worms. The live ones cost way to much, but the ducklings love dried meal worms, crumbled when they are newborn, but a week later, whole.

You can buy them as bird food at Lowes or on Amazon. 10,000 worms cost less than $20 bucks.  I feed baby wood ducks only Mazuri Waterfowl starter and mealworms, plus some fern leaves, although they seem to love any chopped up green veggie.

Tell everybody never to feed ducks chicken food! Its bad for young ones, and will kill the babies. No wonder they don't want to eat it, its toxic to them.


Finally, if they don'y eat on their own the day after they are born, just tap you finger near the food, so it bounces and moves, they will eat it. I show the hatchlings water by dipping their little beaks in it, they return to drink on their own.