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double whammy

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2 of my chickens have become sickly looking.


The first is a brown silkie.  She lost the feathers on her head a few months ago and seems a bit ruffled.  I thought she was molting, but it hasn't gotten any better. She was laying up until 2 weeks ago.  Today she started to squeak when we go near her.  She's always been a social bird, so not like her.


Also today, one of my Red Sex Links was sitting quietly and not really moving, closing her eyes and looks like she doesnt have any energy.  We noticed her comb to be droopy and getting dark. She was fine up until yesterday.  She religiously lays daily.  She did not lay yesterday or today.


The two may not be related, but they both seem to have taken a turn for the worse today.


My 12 year old daughter is flipping out and panicking.


Anyone have any suggestions?

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We took them inside and gave them a warm bath.  They are not fighting at all.  


My RSL just took a turn for worse.  Head down, breathing heavily, and seems to be having trouble breathing.  She doesn't look like she's going to make it :-(


We tried to give her water, but she wasn't taking it in.  Seems to be difficult to swallow...maybe an obstruction?

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