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Depth perception

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Hi. I'm new to chickens and got my first 2 4 week old Plymouth Rock chicks last night. I've noticed this morning 1 isn't able to peck food off the floor. She misses by a centimeter below every time. She can feed out of the feeder though. Is something wrong or is this ok?
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She is also a bit smaller than the other one
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Hello - Found this post during a search, as I have a pullet doing the same thing.  I put down a treat on the ground, she sees it and goes for it, but misses about a half inch low.  She will try about 4 - 5 times, then gets frustrated and figures she cannot reach the treat, gives up and moves on.


She looks fine.  The feed trough and waterer are big enough so that even missing low she still gets food/water.  But as she forages, she is at a huge disadvantage.


Wondering if anybody knows a name associated with this condition.

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Exactly what mine does.she doesn't even try for treats anymore because the other one is faster and gets it first
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