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Please help! Chick broke leg

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I have a chick that got stuck away from momma hen in some hay and somehow broke its leg in the process. It seems to be broken right above the joint of the leg. The chick is doing ok right now and standing on one leg... But the leg is bad. Anyone have similar experiences? Anyone know how to make a splint if you think that will work?
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There are some good articles about splinting broken bones if you Google "splinting broken bones in birds." Many show you the anatomy of the skeleton and give pictures of ways to splint. Be sure to use padding, and don't wrap too tight to cut off circulation. Finger splints, popsicle sticks, straws and other items can be fashioned into a splint. Vet wrap cut into strips works well since you can take it off and check circulation, or re-apply it. Chick chairs and chicken slings can be used to keep them upright, but force them to rest their legs. Broken bones can take 3-4 weeks to heal and form a callus.   I hope you can help him.

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