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Lyonnaise Chickens

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I recently purchased 11 Lyonnaise chicks through Greenfire Farm, and have yet to find much real discussion about these birds. So far, mine are calmer than my other chicks, LOVE the big, pretty eyes, and half of them are frizzled. Not my favorite (frizzles) but willing to work with them. :) Does anyone else have these?


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I am seriously considering investing in this breed, I wish Greenfire sold hatching eggs. They look stunning, are supposed to have a sweet and submissive disposition and are a very good table bird, along with fair egg production.


Keep in touch, if I do invest we can swap notes.

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Well, I lost 6 of my 11 chicks to coccidiosis, which is extremely rare here. :( I then found and purchased this amazing trio! I am floored at how much more attractive these birds are than any of the photos I had seen before!



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They do look gorgeous, I'm considering breeding them to get into showing birds. If you ever want to sell me some hatching eggs I'd be more than happy to snap a dozen up from you, and pay for the packing and shipping :D.

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These 2 girls are just starting to lay, and my others are much younger, so I think it will be a while before I have hatching eggs available. ;) LOL

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The babies are growing!







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Awesome they look so so ****** cute.

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 few newer pics of the bigger kids :)




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