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In hiram ohio gps says i am about 5.5 hours from you, if you could help shave a few hours off my trip i can come and get all the roosters you have to give, i just lost my prize rooster this morning to a hit and run and i need new breeding stock badly
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Awe I know just how you feel...I lost 2 hens the same way...I don't see a problem meeting half way...When were you thinking of meeting up?

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When are you available, i am free most days
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Usually the weekends...but I maybe able to meet up thurs or friday of this week.  If your available

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According to mapquest Hiram is only 2 hrs away from me

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Oh i am sorry i thought you were in east pa, where are you located at?
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I'm located about 20 mins s east of pittsburgh.
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I sent you a pm.  Please let me know as soon as you can...I need them gone by the weekend...Thanks

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