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SHOES!!! Ducks absolutely love shoes!
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I brought home a cardboard tube big enough for them to walk through. They are inside ducks most of the day. It was fun to hear them talking to each other as they were figuring out what to do with it. They rolled it and walked through it. Small dog toys and plastic chain and cat ball toys with bells inside and shoe strings are the toys right now.
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I have a few of those plastic balls you find in kids jump houses. I put them in their pool and they do play around with them once in awhile. 

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My oldest ducks enjoyed playing with the zippers on their baby  play pen cover.  I bet you could remove the zippers from old  clothes or jackets and hang them up inside the pen/coop area for their enjoyment.  Or if you're handy with sewing you might be able to make something with a zipper from a material store.

While they're free ranging I toss veggie bits or fruit bits and they'll actually chase after them.  Round things like peas/blueberries work best because they roll once they hit the ground.

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