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Chicks hatching today

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We have had a broody for four weeks now, so we bought some fertalised eggs from a local breeder 3 Light Sussex and 3 Copper Blue Maran eggs.


we swapped the eggs she was sitting on for these three and left one other behind - an egg from our Groninger Meeuwen!


This morning we could occasionally hear the tiniest cheep cheep - it was soo exciting as this is the first time we have hatched!


we have just shut the hens up for the night and had a little peek - 3 tiny fluffy little heads poked out from under Mum and got told to go back in !! 


so lovely to see. tomorrow we hope to see more.


How long will it be before Mum gives up on the others?

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Subbed, want to hear the news in the morning. Congrats!

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Well it's morning and today I have seen 5 chicks!
Definitely 2 copper blue Maran and I've seen 3 yellow chicks. They could be all light Sussex or if I am lucky one Groninger Meeuwen
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Well this morning I have definitely seen 5 different chicks popping their heads out from under mum.
There is still time for the other two I guess.
Definitely have had 2 of the Copper Blue Maran, and 3 yellow chicks of which at lease two will be light Sussex and if I am really lucky, one will be a Groninger Meeuwen.
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