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I am in unincorporated Sacramento. I have 6000sq but my back yard had a long run. I am getting conflicting info from people I know. Is the 10,000sq thing still in effect?

Can I have hens?

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Hi Sac County BYCers. I've had chickens in my backyard for over 6 years and just got a notice from the county that I'm illegally raising them. My lot is just under 10,000 sq ft so evidently I need some type of permit.


I'm waiting for a response back from the zoning folks to get their side but I wanted to see if any other local folks have dealt with this issue. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.



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I live in Citrus Heights. We just got city council to agree to change our ordinance so that we can have a maximum of 6 hens under 10,000 square feet. I believe when they were comparing other areas the unincorporated area of Sacramento County did have some kind of stipulation or permit requirement. I believe the city of Sacramento does allow hens. I'm sorry this is happening. Hopefully, if you do need a permit it isn't too expensive.

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