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Chicken Coop ???

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Our chickens coop has a run underneath it. We have had a lot of rain and the sun does not dry the bottom of the run. The ground is wet, poop,spilled food and water is the ground is turning gross. What can i put on the bottom of the run to have it stay dry and clean????
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Is it possible to attach wheels to it and move?  Is it possible to dig drainage around the run?  Pine bark mulch is cheap around here, I've seen others mention stall drying agents, and some swear by sand. 

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Adding wheels to it is a great idea to be able to easily move it from place to place to help prevent the ground from becoming what you describe.  How many birds to you have and what are the dimensions of your coop and run? The recommended minimum square footage of the coop is 4 square feet per bird and 10 square feet per bird out in the run.  You may want to consider adding on to your run to give your flock more space outside which would help prevent such a concentrated mess.  It's better to have excessive space than not enough.  Cramped quarters also lead to bickering amongst flock members and sometimes even cannibalism. 


Adding undyed mulch, shredded or whole leaves, straw, grass clippings, etc. frequently will help also. 

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