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Thank you for telling me you story cheep82:) I lanced the abscess and was a little disappointed to find minimal pus and what seems more like a hernia. I have wrapped her in warm blankets and put her next to my bed so I can check on her during the night. I am not confident she will survive.
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Are chlorhexidine hydrochlide,cetrimide, hydroxybenzoates and phenoxyethanol ok for use on chickens? Neosporin is unavailable to me but I have Savlon which contains all of the above ingredients.

It looks like the Savlon would ok. I don't see any "caine" in the active ingredients.

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I'm sorry she is not doing well.

I know you don't have access to medications like we have here in the US.

If she survives the night and you can get some infant or children's vitamins (no iron) you can give those to her (U.S. we use Poly-Vi-Sol) I would think you may have something similar in Australia, but again that is if you have access.


Did it look like there was infection at all when you opened the scab?

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Thankyou. There was a white latex like substance firmly attached to the under side of her skin, hard to remove. Also there was fluid puss around her drumstick. I flushed this with salty water and then applied Savlon.
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You are taking good care of her.


I hope she improves through the night.

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You are doing everything you can. I have thought that several times in the last 2 weeks also. She's pulled through every time. I thought Fri night was it as she was struggling to breathe. I'm hoping yours pulls through - what a lucky chicken sleeping in the bedroom! Mine is in the spare lounge as she's now terrified of all dogs and understandable so.
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Sad news, she passed away. In a way I am relieved for her as she was getting weaker the last few days. Thank you all for your advice and stories! I will keep on chickening!✌️
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I'm sorry for your loss.


You did your best. Sometimes they just cannot recover no matter what you do.

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