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Quail: Injured eye.

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We have an injured female quail.  She was bleeding from her ear and generally beaten up.  We cleaned her up and popped her in a cat carrier inside for a few days to keep an eye on and she seemed to be doing great, but kept clawing around the injured area (I figured it was uncomfortable as it healed).  The eye was a little crusted over, but otherwise she seemed to be healing fine.


Popped her outside a few days ago and I had to go away for a couple of days (OH was still here to cover feeding and watering), but went to clean her out today and she has a swelling covering her eye - I'm actually wondering if it is her eye and she's scratched it out and it's become infected :(


She is eating and drinking fine.  We popped her in a run whilst cleaning her out and aside from dipping her head to the side occasionally - obviously due to the discomfort of the swelling, she's moving around fine and seems interested in her surroundings, etc.


Apparently the nearest vet that will deal with poultry is about 40 mins away, I can't drive and OH is on very odd shifts.  Any advice as to where to go from here with her?  Is it something she is likely to be able to get through? Do you think it will go on to heal?

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Give her a few warm soaks to the eye with a folded washcloth to soften the crust. Flush the eye with saline or water. Then apply some antibiotic ointment such as Polysporin, Bacitracin, or Neosporin, or use some Boric Acid.

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Thank you. Unfortunately it isn,t crusted over any more, so much as there is some sort of growth/swelling (I had been soaking it and then applying a calendula and lavender salve, but couldn't get to her for a few days and when I did, found the rather horrible swelling). It's grey and I have a suspicion it may be affecting her actual eye hmm.png It isn't red, doesn,t smell, but is very unpleasant to look at. I will try to get a photo tomorrow (it's dark here now and it would be a two person job to get a clear pic as she,s feisty - and because of that and her eating and drinking well I really want to give her a good chance of living!)
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A picture could help. Do you have antibiotic ointment available over the counter in the UK?
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Sorry for the delay in replying. panic over, it wasn't swelling, it was a crust (albeit a colour I haven't seen before). I can now see her eye. She's still having the odd scratch, but the eye itself is clear. Bloody hardy little things, I was really worried about her, but aside from her still being a tad picked on (we've popped her in with one of her sisters) she appears to be fine.

Thank you for your suggestions. smile.png
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Thank you for the update.
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We had to take her out again, give her a bit more tlc for a few days - then she had a prolapse (seriously this bird has been hard work!) -  but she is doing much better and now back in the new main run as part of a covey of eight.  She still doesn't look great (feathers returning and what looks like a bit of scarring by her eye) but she's not being attacked and is actively hanging out with the others sun and dust bathing (although there is still a tad of bickering with the golden two, but that also seems to have settled down over the past couple of days).  :)

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