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it will still stain but not like the gentian violet alone.  


ear mites aren't always visible to the naked eye.   Plus, infection and fluid can get down into the ear canal and simply fester.   If untreated, it can cause deafness.   

She is definitely sick.    There is no way to diagnose her over the internet.  
It could be allergies causing her ear issues.   It could be an infection.  It could be tooth issues.   

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Originally Posted by dainerra View Post

my "don't use a Qtip" was to the OP.  She said that she was using one to clean the ears.   

You are right.  Not a good idea.

The obscure we understand eventually. 
The obvious takes a little longer.
The obscure we understand eventually. 
The obvious takes a little longer.
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   Put a cotton swab around a finger, pinkie if it is a small dog and swab gently.  If what comes out looks like coffee grounds it is ear mites.  You can look at it under  microscope or magnifying glass.  Ear mite medicine can be purchased in a pet supply store.
      Look in the ear. If it is red or hot pink it is probably an infection.  While antibiotics help, blood flow to the ear isn't the best so antibiotics may have only a limited effect.  Go to your pharmacy and ask for a bottle of gentian violet.  The pharmacy might stock this or they might have to special order it.  It is very reasonably priced.
      Put a drop or two in each ear daily and massage gently. It's best to do this outside because as the name suggests, it is purple colored and often the dog will shake his head and purple flies out so it is best to not get this in the house.  The inside of the dog's ears may be purple as will the fur at the front of the ear but it will go back to normal and the infection will clear up.
     When using gentian violet, make sure you get it deep enough into the ear (and massage) where the infection is.  Within a week of two the infection will clear up.
     I know people with dogs prone to ear infections for instance Labs or dogs with folded ears who swim and get periodic ear infections may use this once or twice a year when they suspect an infection is forming before it can get a foothold..
    Good luck.

Thank you so much for replying!

Sophie seems to be doing great!
I cleaned her ears just the other night with Kinetic brand ear rinse for pups. She hasn't scratched her ears that much since.

As far as her ear color goes, the very inside of it is a light redish color, but the visible part on the top is just a regular flesh color.

Also, the stuff in her ears did not really look like coffee grounds. It's hard to explain exactly what it looked like, but it was a dark brownish red and there were lots of tiny specks, and then some bigger chunks of it.
There is also not a lot in her ears; it is not visible unless you have a light and look down into her ear canal.

Could it be possible that this is also just dirt? Or could it be a small infection?

It is very hard to get her ear rinse in and that is why we could never use it because she fights to the point where it almsot hurts her. So I mostly gave up on even trying that.
As far as the Gentian Violet goes, is that a human ear cleanser You said pharmacy so I was not sure if you meant vet pharmacy or human pharmacy. I would love to look into getting that if needed.
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