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Help! Sore or Cut?

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I noticed what I thought was a scab on one of my chick's head.  Treated it like a cut. clean the area and put Blue Kote on it.  Today I cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide and blue kote.  I am not sure it is a cut.  The scab is very thick, hard, and crusty. check out pic

The ear is normal; the sore is on the ear lope.


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Look for mites on the skin or in the ear. Use a QTip in the ear with some peroxide to see if there is any gunk in the ears. Plain Neosporin ointment in the ear can kill the mites if you see any evidence. Use some betadine or Neosporin on the ear. Do you think she may have been pecked or that she scratched the ear?
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vet said it is a cut and to use hydrogen peroxide and neosporin,  Started it yesterday and she is looking better.  Thanks for your help!!

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