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Watery Poop

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I have 8 pullets, they are 22-24 weeks old. Our black sexlink (22 weeks) has been squirting watery poop. There really isn't anything of substance to the poop, almost entirely water. I have not noticed anyone else doing this. It was hot for about a week. It cooled off today, but I still noticed her do it once today.  She seems to be acting alright as far as I can tell. I plan to add probiotics to their water tomorrow. I did introduce 2 new chicks/pullets that are about 8 weeks old about a week ago, but she had the watery poop before that. I have never seen her give the newcomers a hard time like the other pullets. I'm not sure if this is related, or if she just isn't bothered by their presence. She is my smartest girl of them all. I want to make sure I am doing everything right, if there is a problem. 

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She could just be drinking a great deal of water, but the probiotics may help. Cottage cheese in small amountsmsy also be good. You may want to isolate her overnight in a crate with paper towels, and get some droppings to take in to a vet for a fecal float to look for parasites.
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what would happen if she did have parasites?

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She might have worms or coccidiosis, and both are treatable. Corid treats coccidiosis, while several products treat worms. Valbazen, SafeGuard Liquid Goat Wormer, Panacur, and Wormout Gel are all good ones. Wazine is good for roundworms only.
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Ok thank you for the info. How long should I do probiotics before moving to the next step? Do you know how much it typically costs to take sample to vet? Is it bad to treat if suspicious without vet confirmations? Does treatment affect eggs?
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