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Hen Limping--Bruised Foot?

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Having not seen BJ the Black Sex Link yesterday, I came home today to find that she was keeping weight off her left foot (behaving normally otherwise). Here are pictures of her feet and a video of her walking:




I checked for broken toes and bumblefoot, but both feet look/feel the same. Any ideas? What can I do to help? Thank you!

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It looks like that she is sore in her left leg, probably from a sprain. She does have a dark spot on her right foot pad, I think, in your picture # 2 that looks like early bumblefoot. It doesn't look bad enough to be causing her limp though. Sprains will last weeks, and the best thing for that is to cage them with food and water, and keep them with their flock in the shade. If the dark spot is on her left foot, then look more at bumblefoot treatments. Many of my hens get bumblefoot from tiny cuts from rocks. I will only cut on them if they are limping, and it looks infected (red and swollen.)

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Thank you! She is limping less today. I will look more at that foot.

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