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Does my hen need stitches??

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My hen was attacked by another chicken (for the 3rd time!) and this time it's a gaping wound. The other two times were bad but I managed with iodine, separation From the flock. and some good luck. How do you stitch a bird? She is eating and drinking.
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Dont stich her. Super glue. Clean off the blood. If the skin can be pulled together apply the super glue and push it shut as best as you can. Be careful not to super glue yourself. If the skin cant be pushed together layer the super glue like a wound. Youd be suprised what they can indure. I had one wbos skull was pecked open. I could litterally see the skull. Rinced it off and glued the skin back. Had another the others kept picking on (no wonder out of the 6 bantams 5 were roos) anyways i couldnt pinch the skin together so i layered a scab. You can put antibodic cream on it like neosporin once the glues on. If this keeps hapoening you may have to rehome the agressor. Or give your birds more room. When are they attacking. Like in the morning or during the day?
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I definitely can't push the skin together. I'm definitely interested in the super glue method. I'm just curious - why not stitch?
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Originally Posted by vanallison View Post

I definitely can't push the skin together. I'm definitely interested in the super glue method. I'm just curious - why not stitch?
If you can't push the skin together it will most likley be too tight to suture. This will cause strain on the wound and will open again
If there was enough loose skin it would be possible but because there is a lot of movement in that area it's not a good idea.
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Well, the good news is she made it through the night. There is now a lot of dried blood and it's harder to see the wound. Poor gal- she's the only chicken of mine who has a name, because she always wants to be carried around. Maybe that's why they attack her? I'm giving her a new area (if she lives) with some other younger hens. Hopefully that stops it. Does anyone have knowledge of the no pecking gels you can put on birds?
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Blue kote. Just put the super glue over the dried blood. Plus if you were to stich the chicken it would need numbing meds or youd hurt the chicken more than do it good
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I have blu kote I can put on. So far she is still eating and drinking/ just getting out to get some glue. If I can keep infection out I think she'll live.
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They are pretty resilant creatures. I had a coyote problem and one coyote had my girl in its mouth and did the death shake. I chased them away and then ound my girl on our brick wall. I figured she was gine for as she had a big puncture wound and stuff was leaking out. I cant put my own chickens down so i put her in an open box so she could be with her sibblings until my guy came to put her down. She wasnt in her box when i came back. She wont let me near her and she roosts in a tree. Its been 3 weeks and i havnt been able to vatch her to see how her wounds are. Shes still alive and acts normal. I didnt even clean the wounds as i thought she was done for
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Any opinions on oral antibiotics or pain relievers to get her through. I'm glad she's not in a tree like chickencrazy21!
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Look some of my birds are tame. The others are leave me the beep alone lol. She can be either depending on her mood. Her current one for three weeks have been the beep off. I personally have used neosporin with pain reliever. But depending on who you talk to they will tell you not to use human medication. If you have a feed store nearby you can always get something in the horse section for wound care. I had bought something that was by the company that does the blue kote it was a red liquid when my dog cut open her leg. I wound uo not using it i used the nesporin instead. But i dont see why the bkue kote wouldnt work as an antisypetic i think it is one. Its always hard to tell if there in pain. But like i said imagine my bird. Not that i. Proud i didnt treat her at all but shes doing just fine.
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