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Hi again! My neighbor bought this stuff called cure a pet to put on the rooster's wound (which, that rooster trusts me and my mom more then him)


But its like.. 99% water and stuff. do you guys know if this is okay or even worth using? otherwise we'll just clean the wound with peroxide, but this stuff says it doesn't sting, which would be a plus. 


I just want some opinions and wanna know if anybody here has heard of the stuff

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Can you post any photos of the wound?

What type of wound is it?


I'm not familiar with the Cure A Pet product, but a quick search online it looks like it might be ok.

Peroxide can cause tissue damage if overused, so a milder product may be best.


If you question the effectiveness of the product, then you can generally use plain neosporin or vetericyn on the wounds depending on where they are located.

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