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I got a new turkey last year from someone else. Apparently he had mites. So far we have used 1 treatment poultry dust,  2 treatments garlic juice,  lime on the inside of the coop, dichotomous earth, sprinkled and on roosts.  I would like to try a dip, but they are expensive.  I need something. My daughter wants to take her birds to the fair, but you can't with mites.


It is no fun.  Ideas??


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We have dealt with mites before, and I agree- it is no fun.  It sounds like you're pretty on top of this, though, joojy.  

(Just a side note, you said "Apparently he has mites."  Is he showing signs of having mites?  


This is just what we did:  


COMPLETELY cleaned out the coop, sprayed everything with neem oil, replaced all the pine shavings, and put in lime and diatomaceous earth.  


(We also scattered lime around the chicken run.) 


We also got our chickens a sandbox with sand to dust bathe in, dusted them with diatomaceous, and at night put drops of oregano oil underneath their wings.  

You can also dip their legs once a day in olive oil.  


From what I've read, garlic really only works as a preventive, but once the bird has mites, it won't help too much in getting rid of them.  


Here's a thread- you might have already seen on BYC, about mites.


Hope this helps!

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my kids have work really hard. My daughter is very nervous. There are still old eggs by the chickens vents, so today the kids scraped them off. We do not see mites, but she is worried that they are still there. Any thoughts. I guess if we see the eggs on the butt again, then we have them.

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