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Swollen Ear Lobe?

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I have a Red Sex Link hen with what appears to be a swollen ear lobe. It has the consistency of a blister. The hen is not acting in any way abnormal and it doesn't appear to hurt her when it is touched. What could it be and how should I treat her?

A huge thanks to whomever may offer some advice.

Lisa Jayne
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Welcome to BYC.


Can you post photos?


Check for any signs of lice/mites that may be in the ear.

Look for any small wounds that could be from an insect bite or another chicken pecking her in the ear.


Any signs of watery eyes or discharge from nostrils?

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We also have a 16 wk old chicken with a swollen earlobe. Looks like another chicken could have pecked on her, they don't have any mites that I can see. What kind of treatment should I give her or just leave it alone and let it heal on its own.
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Keep an eye on that.


If you want you can put some plain neosprin on it.


It looks like an injury which usually heals on it's own, but if there is swelling, then it may be starting to get infected.

Watch for more swelling, discharge, pus, oozing or odors.

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