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The hen is a silver lace orpington- she was broody when we adopted her last year, she assimilated into our flock and went broody again 3 weeks ago.  She sat well on 5 eggs, originally 6, 1 was broken.  they have hatched 4: 2 the 1st day, found in the mulch around her, well formed but dead.  another the next day, dead, and 1 yesterday, further away from the mother, dead, and this one looked like it's insides were pulled out, like what they warn about with goopy but. 


I had been worried about other chickens but they don't seem at all interested.  Could the hen setting be killing these chicks?  Also, do I give her more eggs or make her get up? 


Last and maybe unrelated, egg production is half normal the last few days (4 eggs instead of 8).  any connection?