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Hen stopped laying

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I have a young hen who has recently stopped laying. She'd been laying every second day without fail since I got her in March. Now it's been about 1.5 weeks since her last egg. She's not moulting, she's in beautiful condition, she is happily living with ten other chickens. She doesn't seem stressed at all. They are in a coop/run at night and all morning, and free range in the afternoon... But they only have access to about 1/6th of an acre, and the chickens have supervision the majority of the time -- there aren't many places or ways to hide eggs. Her sister stopped laying at the exact same time interestingly enough, but she is moulting. My other three laying hens are laying as per usual. Any reason Meg has stopped laying? They're on chick grower (because I have chicks and young pullets with them) but I hand feed the laying hens their laying feed often, and they have access to oyster shell. They also get plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, probiotics, seeds, any healthy scraps or leftovers we don't eat, and they have access to lots of bugs. Any ideas?
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Sounds like she has stopped laying( Because it is summer!) Chickens don't lay many eggs in the summer because of the heat. I have about 45 hens, and I am only getting about 15-20 eggs a day!  chickens don't like the hot weather and just take a rest for a while. The she will start molting etc.


Hope this helps



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Oh thanks! I thought about that but it's been so mild here, lots of rain. Shrug! Maybe I can expect her to start moulting like her sister now.
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