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Today I let me chickens free range for only the second time. (We have tons of predators, so I only do it when I'm outside with them). One of my pullets started doing this strange cluck while shaking her head. Sometimes she wheezes a little. None of the chicks has done this before. Does she have something stuck in her crop? What do I do?
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It sounds kind of like a high pitched bark. Her breathing is noisy now. I don't have a chicken vet in my area. Please help.
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It seems like she is trying to get something out of her throat. I looked into her throat, but didn't see anything. She seems fine otherwise. She is walking around, eating and hanging out with the other chickens. No mucous or other obvious symptoms. I can't tell if her comb is paler than normal, because it has always been pale. (EE pullets about 14 weeks old). Her comb seems a little drier than the other chicks, but it is hot out today. I just gave them some frozen watermelon and more cold water, and they are back in their run in the shade. I'm not sure what else to do. I'm really concerned about her wheezing. sad.png
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Should I quarantine her?
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Well, I quarantined her, gave her some ACV and probiotics with soft food. While roosting, her crop was full, but felt soft. I'm not sure how firm it is supposed to feel, since this is my first time feeling one.

I'm considering trying to find a vet that will see her tomorrow.
I would still love to hear any input... It is mighty lonely in here.
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If something is in her crop you could try giving her something soft soaked in olive oil then massage her crop. Feel the crop in the morning to see if it emptied.

It could also be a respiratory virus. That can be treated with an antibiotic from the feed store. I prefer tylan given orally. The dose is .5cc twice a day for 5 days. It won't cure the virus but will treat/prevent any secondary bacteria infection. Keep her separated from the rest of the flock until you know what's going on. These viruses are very contagious.
I hope she is better soon. Message me if I can help at all.
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I couldn't find her crop this morning, so I guess that means it was empty?

She wasn't wheezing anymore either, which is good. She was eating her own feathers though.
I'll keep her under observation for the rest of the day to see if she starts wheezing again. If she doesn't, should I just put her back with the rest of the flock? How long to quarantine?
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That's good her crop is emptying. I made the mistake of putting a sick hen back with the flock too soon and infecting the rest so i would hold off a day. I wouldn't put her back until she's 100%. Others may feel different. I'm just supper paranoid after months of sneezing/runny noses and two deaths in my flock.
I hope it was nothing and she is back to 100% today.
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I'll keep her quarantined for a bit then.
My hubby isn't happy she's in the house. It's too hot to put her in the garage though. (89* in the middle of the night).
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Well, she seems fine today. She is picking her feathers a lot. Could that be from boredom or stress?
I'm debating if I should put her back with the flock tonight. Hubby keeps asking me to.
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