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Chicken can't walk

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Found Daisy yesterday & she was unable to stand & holding her feet funny.... Couldn't control them. She was in the heat so don't know if she was able to get to water to drink & was panting which the other chickens weren't. Brought her inside & got her to take water with electrolytes.... She slowly improved overnight to where she can drink & is eating on her own, her poop looks normal, & she is making normal occasional clicking sounds & seems to have more strength in her legs.... Able to push herself to a full standing position for a second but then lays down again. She is 6 months. Hasn't started laying yet, comb looks normal, she's in a controlled environment & there have been no new introductions. Any ideas, suggestions greatly appreciated!!!!
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Do your electrolytes contain vitamins, especially riboflavin? She may have a vitamin deficiency, or could be just dehydrated. I would give the vitamins for a couple of weeks.

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I'm not sure & am at work. My husband is going to text me a picture of the ingredients..... I hope it was just the heat, but don't think so, as all the other birds are fine. I'm up in New River & it's a couple of degree cooler than down in the valley (not that that matters when it's this hot out), They have shade all day long along with misters & a fan. Thanks for your input!!

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Ok it is Durvet Vitamins & Electrolytes that we are using. It has 750 of riboflavin per 4 oz. Is this appropriate, or should I be using something else?
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Yes, the Durvet vitamins and electrolytes is fine. What color is the packet-- blue and yellow, or yellow black and red? If it is blue and yellow, the dosage is 1/2 tsp per gallon. If it is black, yellow, and red, it is 3/4 tsp per gallon, according to Durvet.
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It's the blue & yellow. Thank you so so much. My husband said that last he checked on her she was able to stand up & walk a couple of steps.  :weee 

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Hi. I'm new to raising chickens. Had my first batch hatch yeasterday.. The oldest one (24 hours old) keeps on closing the left eye. I can't see anything wrong, does anyone have any suggestions?
The the one that was hatched today has a issue with its leg. It's taken 3 days to hatch... It's leg is permanently up ties are curled inwards and it has a bit of the yoke sac still out.. Suggestions please
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I don't know much about newly hatched chicks. I would surf through this site, I know others have posted on similar events in the past....... Hope all goes well for your new babies!!

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