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Hello everyone I'm new to the site and somewhat new to raising birds. I have 8 differs breeds of chickens and Bob white quail. My main reason for this thread is because I want to learn how to raise meat birds. Not jumbo rock x birds but I want to breed my own hybrids with Cornish chickens but I cant find any. I got a small dark Cornish rooster from a friend but he is too small to breed with my barred rock or my giant blacks. So my question is where can I get a real Cornish chicken and has anyone else been successful crossing birds for meat?
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Good morning. Finding good LF Dark Cornish is tough. Finding good LF White Cornish is even harder.... Hatchery stock is not a usually a good choice either. The birds are usually poorly crossed and you almost have to raise them 16+ weeks to know if what you have worth basing your project on.... Just the nature of cornish....There are several Facebook groups that are cornish based. "Cornish Chickens Only" is a good one. You'll be better served to use these to look for breeders in your area. Some sell birds, few will ever sell eggs or chicks. All are expensive.... But if you want to raise your own, it's well worth the cost of good foundation stock.
It's been my experiance that breeding a "cornish cross" is best left to those who can raise and maintain the multiple flocks of crosses that it requires. The home breeder can usually get far greater "Bone to Meat" ratios as well as "Meat to Feed" conversions, by concentrating on raising a high quality pure cornish bird.... You can get very good fryers in 12 to 16 weeks with a pure bird of good stock. Which ever way you go, Good luck with your project.... Bill






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Thanks for the info. I'm definitely not planning on raising those hybrid birds. Have no idea what they had to do to get them that way and I don't trust where it comes from. All my birds are free range and organic feed is all I give them. I also raise meal worms and crickets for them and my quail. So main purpose is to find a good meat bird so I can be totally independent and get away from grocery stores. Haha. So anyone out there that has Cornish birds and would like to sell or trade for fertile "BUTLER BOBWHITE" quail eggs or whatever just message me please. Thaks
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I would find either a LF white Cornish or a White Laced Red Cornish. And cross it to a White Rock or a White Jersey Giant. I'd stay away from black or barred birds. Black pin feathers SUCK!!!

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Call me crazy but I do not like a white chicken. It looks too unnatural to me I guess. And plus I already have the black giants and barred rocks and they are the biggest ones I have so I guess that's what im going to try first. I'm going to lookfhard for some Cornish birds. any help from anyone would be helpful thanks alot.
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If I were you I would get the best quality Cornish you can find/ afford no matter what the colour.
Start from there crossing to your black giant or breed them true.
Eat your mistakes and then improve each year on what you have.

Good luck.
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I haven't found a hatchery that has any yet. Been looking hard
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McMurray has them

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Ive read alot of bad reviews from McMurray.
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Quality and price sucks. But I didn't know how big a hurry you were in to get some. I personally wouldn't order from them. Especially if I were looking for breeders.

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