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My wife and I are first time chicken owners and one or 2 of our chickens has begun laying eggs! We have 3 buff orpingtons, 2 white rocks, 2 dominiques, and 1 Easter egger. They are all 19 weeks old! We are very excited!! They are very tiny though, but the shells are hard. What should we expect to be inside? I read one post where someone wrote that there wasn't much inside of the first eggs. And info would be appreciated!

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Congratulations on your first eggs clap.gif

I've always found my first eggs to be quite normal inside. Yes on the smaller side but still very tasty eggs big_smile.png
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Thanks you 😀... Another question though. We have been giving our chickens medicated starter food up to week 16. For the last 3 weeks they have been on flock raiser crumbles. Is all the medication out of their bodies by now? Or should we not eat the eggs for a few more weeks?
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I think at three weeks it should be out of their systems. If you have them on flock raiser do you have oyster shell on the side for them to get the calcium they require?
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No I do not. How much should I put in a side dish per day?
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